Class Gifts

Below is a list of gifts donated to the school by the graduating class.  If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact us with an update.

Graduating year Gift
1940 & 1941 Active Service Roll (outside of main office in the front foyer)
1946 memorial of wardead, photos and names (front foyer beside auditorium doors)
1947 drawing by Anna Baker (cabinet beside Atrium)
1951 Honour Roll & Scholarship tablet (front foyer outside of auditorium, near front doors); was restored in 2000 by the historical society
1962 sundial (only pedestal remains at front of school)
1966 framed musical score of the school cheer On South (along the staircase on the wall outside of the auditorium)
  class gift 1966 – On South framed music
1973 portrait of Principal
1980 award board (on the wall in the hall behind the administrative offices) for years 1980~1996
  Plaque of 1980 class gift, Class gift 1980 – award board
1984 pencil-sketch of South Secondary School by Catherine P. Cook (beside award case on the opposite wall of the same hall as the 1980 award board)
1994 stained-glass artwork of “Class of 94” (currently stored in archives)
  class gift 1994 – stained glass
1997 award board (on the wall behind the mail room) for years 1997~2008 (and onward in the future)
  Plaque of 1997 class gift, Class gift 1997 – award board
2000 custom-made South Lions flag and a donation of $1000 to the Music Department toward purchase of new grand piano [Acta Meridiana, volume 35, page 16]