About SCAA

The South Collegiate Alumni Association was founded in February 1999, with a Constitution and slate of Officers established at the first Annual Meeting in May 1999.

The purpose of this association is to help the school maintain a high standard of excellence, through financial aid and advice, and to provide a formal structure for the ongoing development of the relationships and accomplishments of all those who have been a part of South Collegiate throughout its history.

Annual Meeting: 1st Wednesday of May
Membership Fee: $20 annually (guarantees delivery of the newsletter)

Executive (elected for 3-year term in May 2014)

President Knute Dohnberg (1965)
Past-president Pete Telford (teacher 1978-1998)
Vice-president Lynne Hevey (1974)
Secretary Mike Bloxam (2001)
Treasurer Andrea (Fewster) Manias (1970, teacher 1976-2009)
Newsletter editor Connie (Woods) Weir (1966)
Director Nancy Jane Coups (1956)
Director Heidi Hamber (1987)
Director Jonah Melville (1996)
Director Ken Ramer (1970)
Director vacant position

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Summary of the activities of the Association during the 2013-2014 school year:

  1. Planned and organized a 3-day celebration of South’s 85 years as a collegiate at 371 Tecumseh Avenue. This event attracted alumni from all 10 decades of its history, who enjoyed arranged activities such as Decade Rooms, Return to the Classroom, Reach for the Top competition, an All-faith worship service, a series of “Decade Shows (written and performed by current South students), a Pub Night, and a gala Dinner and Dance (at the London Convention Centre)
  2. Presented the South 75th Anniversary Award to staff-member Jane Winsky.
  3. Published two editions (Fall ’13 and Spring ’14) of Lions’ Pride, the alumni newsletter (each issue was post-mailed to 500 recipients, and e-mailed to 1700 recipients).
  4. Presented 22 graduating students with $50 awards for achieving over 90% in their graduating year (2013), as well as a $100 award to the Scholar of the Year, and a $100 award to a student for “outstanding participation in sports and extra-curricular activities”.
  5. Created an array of South memorabilia (clothing, glassware, accessories) for sale at the 85th Reunion.
  6. Developed a 32-page illustrated guided tour booklet called Prowl the Pride which was designed to direct former South students on walks (or drives) through the Old South neighbourhoods. Created in time for the 85th each attendee, the booklet is now available for purchase by all present and future grads.
  7. Through our archive holdings, assisted a Western University project studying the role of high school staffs and students in Canada’s war efforts during World War II.
  8. Kept a South tradition alive by re-establishing an Alumni Basketball Tournament.