About SCAA

The South Collegiate Alumni Association was founded in February 1999, with a Constitution and slate of Officers established at the first Annual Meeting in May 1999.

The purpose of this association is to help the school maintain a high standard of excellence, through financial aid and advice, and to provide a formal structure for the ongoing development of the relationships and accomplishments of all those who have been a part of South Collegiate throughout its history.

Annual Meeting: 1st Wednesday of May
Membership Fee: $20 annually (guarantees delivery of the newsletter)

Executive (elected for 3-year term in May 2017)

President Knute Dohnberg (1965)
Past-president Pete Telford (teacher 1978-1998)
Vice-president Lynne Hevey (1974)
Treasurer  Andrea (Fewster) Manias (1970, teacher 1976-2009)
Newsletter Editor Connie (Woods) Weir (1966)
Director Norma Evans (staff 2000-2017)
Director Nancy Jane Coups (1956)
Director Ross Spettigue (1962)
Director JoEllen Wright (1981)
Director Ken Ramer (1970)
Director Kyle Hollis (2003)

A summary of activities of the South Alumni Association:

1. (May 2017 – May 2018) ed 2 editions (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018) of Lions’ Pride, the Alumni Newsletter. These editions were post-mailed to 400 recipients, and e-mailed to 1800.

2. Published a booklet honouring the 57 men of South Collegiate who gave their lives in World War II entitled “Knowing No Defeat”. Class sets of the booklet are being used in the Grade 10 History Classes, and over 200 copies have been sold to the public.

3. For the tenth consecutive year the Alumni Association hosted a booth at the Wortley Village Gathering on the Green in June. This resulted in hundreds of contacts being made with former staff and students of South, and also netted us several sales of South memorabilia, old Yearbooks, and copies of Prowl the Pride, along with sponsorship donations.

4. Staged a Movie Night in the Atrium in November which brought back to life an array of 16mm films made by students in the 1960s/70s Film courses at South

5. 25 money awards, funded by the Alumni Association, were presented to graduating students in the Class of 2017 who achieved over 90% in their graduating year. Two other graduating students were presented with our “Scholar of the Year” award, and our “South Anniversary Award” (for participation and scholarship) Also, South teacher Norma Evans was presented with our 75″ Anniversary Award.

6. Gave grants to 2 projects undertaken by the current students: the Relay for Life, and the team entry into NASA’s First Robotics competition.

7. Provided organizational structure to the South Class of 1967 for their 50th anniversary celebration.

We are constantly seeking to improve our communication with alumni, through our website (www.southalumni.ca), our newsletter (Lions’ Pride), and our Registry (up-dated by Class Reps)

PLEASE HELP US BY KEEPING IN TOUCH: contact@southalumni.ca